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Round Steel Dipping Baskets

Stop making a mess on the floor, 

Clean your parts more easily with our Dip and Drain Baskets

Dip-And-Drain style dipping baskets are the first baskets ever to have our unique Flip Out Feet.  With the feet swung down and under, the basket can be easily loaded then dipped, sloshed and swirled in any container of liquid.  When done, the feet swing out easily and lock into the full out position to hold the basket on the top edge of the container for mess-free draining of your parts, eliminating drips and spills on the shop floor. 

Our round mesh baskets are industrial grade products, manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel.  Baskets made from 304 Stainless Steel have excellent corrosion resistance for wet and mildly caustic environments.   

Our most common baskets are 9” diameter x 12” tall which fit perfectly into any 5 gallon pail.  These come with swinging handles, lined with one of two different mesh sizes for a variety of part sizes and dipping applications.  

  Featured Dip and Drain Basket
DND-095RND120-C04S-B - Round Dip-And-Drain Basket

Round Dip-And-Drain Basket 9-1/2" Dia. x 12"H, Swinging Handle, Medium Opening Mesh, pail included
Part No. DND-095RND120-C04S-B

Inventory: 1 available
Price: $259.60

Stainless Steel Dip and Drain Baskets-
Built to Last

Our selection of stainless steel baskets includes industrial dipping baskets that facilitate the process of dipping and draining of your parts. 

Our Dip and Drain Baskets are the only mesh baskets specifically designed to fit into a 2-gallon, 3-1/2 gallon or 5-gallon pail with Flip Out Feet to hold the basket on the pail rim to let the parts drain. Pretty Clever!


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Stainless Steel Dip and Drain Baskets

Place the Dip and Drain Baskets on the floor, bench, or under the part chute of your machine to load up to 45 lbs. of parts. Because of the unique shape of the Flip Out Feet, the basket is stable with the feet out or with the feet tucked under the basket. The feet swing easily with spring catches to hold them in the "full out" and "tucked-under" positions.
Tuck the Flip Out Feet under Dip and Drain Basket and lower the basket and parts into your 2, 3-1/2 or 5 gallon pail of solution. The feet flipped under the basket also keep your parts up from the bottom of the pail, out of any sediment and debris. The baskets are built rugged so you can agitate the basket and parts for thorough cleaning.
Raise the basket and flip out the feet. The Dip and Drain Basket sits securely on the rim of the pail letting the solution drain back into the pail. 
  • No drips or spills on the floor.
  • No awkward contraptions to prop up baskets over the pail.

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